Advanced Level III EFT Practitioner

Like a lot of other people, I spent many years of my life on a journey seeking peace, fulfillment and joy. I consider myself to be a very sensitive soul. I have always felt things at a deep level.  I am able to sense other people’s feelings; joy, happiness, as well as their pain and anxiety. In the past I felt drained, ungrounded, and I didn't know why.

​When I went into a store, or somewhere crowded, I felt disoriented or upset. I didn't realize it at the time, but I was over-stimulated from all of the people and activity going on around me. When I read the news, I used to feel overwhelmed by sadness. If I had a disagreement with someone, it would trouble me greatly during the day. If someone looked at me in a certain way, or used an impatient or critical tone with me, I became very uncomfortable.   About 15 years ago, I came across the concept of the 'highly sensitive person'. I immediately recognized that this was how I was 'wired'.  I read everything I could on this subject, and  helped myself by learning self-care techniques in order to manage my sensitive temperament.

How EFT has helped me 

When I discovered EFT, it made a profound difference in my life. I finally had tools to manage the way that I engaged in the world as a highly sensitive person. Now, when I feel triggered or overwhelmed by something that happens, I can go to a quiet place and use EFT to alleviate my emotional discomfort. I am grateful that I now have a way to release these upsetting emotions, and am able to move into a state of serenity.

My Educational Journey

In 1987, I chose to go back to school for my master’s in counseling psychology. I then obtained my license as an MFT, a marriage and family therapist. Throughout this venture, part of the requirements as a therapist-in-training was to spend a considerable amount of time looking at our own emotional wounds, and addressing them. This is an essential part of becoming a therapist so that one can know what their own “stuff” is, and what belongs to the client. 

I wish I had known about EFT back then. It would have helped me to process the emotional pain that comes with dealing with early wounds and trauma. The good news is, I now have EFT in my toolbox. It is my go-to technique on an ongoing basis.

​I attended an introductory EFT training about 5 years ago. I was pleasantly surprised and absolutely delighted to learn more about this powerful tool. I completed EFT training in Levels I and II in 2012.  I then discovered Annabel Fisher’s Advanced Level III training, and completed that in 2014. I am also in the process of becoming certified in Matrix Reimprinting. 

My Goal

My focus is to help clients who are highly sensitve. I know firsthand how challenging it can be, and what it's like to be overwhelmed. I want to help this group of people and teach them how to alleviate the emotional stress that comes from being so sensitive. 

If this sounds like you, you've come to the right place. Please click here to contact me. I look forward to helping you!

In good health,

Kathleen G. Patton
In the past, while working with clients who have shared their deepest stories about painful and upsetting experiences, I had come to realize that plain talk therapy can be helpful, but it is not enough. In fact people can be retraumatized if they keep talking about their traumas, and have no way to process them. Now when I use EFT, clients seem to truly appreciate a guided way to deal with their issues.  I know for myself, when I have worked in the past with a practitioner on my own issues, even when I felt overwhelmed by sadness or regret,I  kept on going because I trusted in the process. For example, I at times have felt vulnerable and judged about saying something in a crowd, or have felt uncomfortable about a disagreement with a friend. When I tapped with a practitioner, and my anxiety levels went down, I appreciated the sense of renewal and relief which resulted from the work I did.  Clients tell me that I have a way of helping them to get to the “heart of the matter”, even when they initially weren’t aware of what it was. I have been told that it is very gratifying to hear their issue articulated in such a precise way. I enjoy gathering information from them, and then checking to see if what I have come up with as a core issue feels right to them. With my authenticity, compassion and acceptance, I am able to create a safe and supportive environment for my clients. They have often told me that they have never or rarely shared with others what they can tell me. I am honored and do my best to continue to earn their trust.  The sharing of personal experiences while you are tapping is the first step towards taking the journey to knowing yourself better, and finding out what is standing in the way of living your full and satisfying life. 

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