Advanced Level III EFT Practitioner

In the past, while working with clients who have shared their deepest stories about painful and upsetting experiences, I had come to realize that plain talk therapy can be helpful, but it is not enough. In fact people can be retraumatized if they keep talking about their traumas, and have no way to process them.

Now when I use EFT, clients seem to truly appreciate a guided way to deal with their issues.  I know for myself, when I have worked in the past with a practitioner on my own issues, even when I felt overwhelmed by sadness or regret, I  kept on going because I trusted in the process.

​For example, I at times have felt vulnerable and judged about saying something in a crowd, or have felt uncomfortable about a disagreement with a friend. When I tapped with a practitioner, and my anxiety levels went down, I appreciated the sense of renewal and relief which resulted from the work I did. 

​​Clients tell me that I have a way of helping them to get to the “heart of the matter”, even when they initially weren’t aware of what it was. I have been told that it is very gratifying to hear their issue articulated in such a precise way. I enjoy gathering information from them, and then checking to see if what I have come up with as a core issue feels right to them.

With my authenticity, compassion and acceptance, I am able to create a safe and supportive environment for my clients. They have often told me that they have never or rarely shared with others what they can tell me. I am honored and do my best to continue to earn their trust. 

​The sharing of personal experiences while you are tapping is the first step towards taking the journey to knowing yourself better, and finding out what is standing in the way of living your full and satisfying life. 

How I Work With Clients